Monday, October 13, 2008

love is the answer...

chris tomlin sings a beautiful song that says, "love is the answer, love will find a way. when we love one another, it's a brighter day." i can't help but agree with these wonderful lyrics, but what happens when you've been hurt so badly by people who "love" you that your paradigm of love is completely twisted? your view of love becomes something tragic; it can catastrophically ruin your life and the lives of others...

something a friend brought up last night really resonated in my heart. she said, "hurt people hurt people." the clouds began to clear as i realized what this meant for me. then a great sadness hovered when i remembered the abused children i worked with at the royal family kids camp last summer. what about them? will their views and practices of love be completely distorted? it is absolutely heartbreaking.

i am realizing more and more that if we learn to love each other, truly and passionately as Christ loves us, we would drive out this problem. there wouldn't be kids committing suicide or people who cry themselves to sleep. we would all be surrounded by love in such an intense way that our problems would fizzle in the midst of a beautiful day among friends.

i long for that love.

...maybe i'm just a hippie?


Liz! said...

not a hippie at all. or maybe i'm a hippie too.

i also long for that kind of love...only possible in a world without sin.

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