Tuesday, November 11, 2008


my dad was writing a letter today, as he turned to ask, "if you don't know who you're sending the letter to, can you start it by saying, 'dear lady or gentleman'?"

i laughed and said, "no, it would be better if you started it with 'to whom it may concern'."

in a confused voice, he said, "what?????"

"to whom it may concern" i said again.

as he typed it onto the screen, my mom was passing by, when she nearly died of laughter. she read the letter, which started with the phrase, "to home it may concern"!


Liz! said...


you should have let him stick with "dear lady or gentleman!" hahahahaha!

Yvette said...

i thought about letting him stick with it, but i realized that it was for work, so it needed to be professional.

could you imagine if he left it as "to HOME it may concern"?

i think he would have gotten fired or something...

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