Thursday, July 10, 2008


there once was a farmer who spent his whole morning piling large stacks of hay in his barn. after he finished, he realized that he had lost his watch in the process. knowing that it would probably never be found among the hay, he didn't even try looking for it.

after he told his son what had happened, his son was determined to find the watch. although his father insisted that it was never to be found, he was absolutely sure that he could find it. so he laid down near the hay stacks and stilled his body until all he could hear was the beat of his own heart. then he waited and became more still. eventually he heard the ticking of the watch, located it, then returned it to his father.

sometimes we need to be so still that we can only hear the beat of our own hearts. then we need to listen even closer to hear God's whisper.


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