Friday, July 4, 2008

the difference between a wound and a scar.


  • suffering
  • vulnerability
  • possible bleeding
  • you need to clean and cover it to avoid it from festering
  • only someone who knows how to fix it should be allowed near it
  • you've lived past the pain
  • no longer bleeding
  • the vulnerability of the wound has lost its power
  • its mark lives as a testimony to what you've fought
  • the more pain you allowed to fix it while it was a wound, the smaller the scar will be
is it possible to be between a wound and a scar?


liz! said...

oh deeeeear.

yes, i think it's possible to be in the middle between the two.

but i think you gotta find yourself some life neosporin. haha. something to prevent the wound from turning into a scar!

Yvette said...

hahaha i guess Jesus is my neosporin!

liz! said...

yay! that's a good solution!

haha...solution...neosporin. oh gosh, i'm turning into my dad!

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