Tuesday, April 29, 2008


the more i think about it, the more frustrated i am. how could things possibly be normal again?

i feel like my soul has been looted for everything it had. it has all been taken away... not only am i having trouble finding my emotions, i'm incapable of falling in love again. my love has been spent on someone who didn't want it.

i know i'm blessed to have what's left, but i wish i could just stop hurting over this. will i ever?

i don't understand how i get dragged into these things. they really SUCK. can't people just understand?

the pain is unbearable, except for those fleeting moments when i forget who i am. can you please help me lose myself in all that You are?

help me lose myself in all You are.


kristina said...

i understand... don't wish all the pain away... i wish i could feel again. i wish i wasn't so guarded. i don't want to be numb anymore...

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