Wednesday, August 27, 2008

put your money up your butt.

i hate the total consumer attitude that everyone has here. you kind of get sucked into it when you get too close. why does everyone need to accumulate so much stuff? to impress everyone else of course. it's competition. it just gets ridiculously out of control. i hate it with a burning passion.

i'm just so bored of being here. i know it's not like this everywhere else in the world. i want to live somewhere where other things matter-- where nobody drives expensive cars or has brand name clothes exploding out of their unused clothes drawers... somewhere where nobody cares about how much money you make because they would be your friends if you were homeless or the richest person on earth.

why accumulate so much crap? what is the point? i just don't understand.


liz! said...

every time i see the title of this blog, i just smile =]

jessie.mae said...

this is the exact reason why i miss my hometown. seriously just drive north for 7 hours and these problems no longer seem to exist...

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